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glycerin shampoo bar for pets

glycerin shampoo bar for pets

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Tamarinda's answer to harsh pet shampoos - our hydrating glycerin soap bar with lavender and cedarwood essential oils.

Extra large 5.0+ oz rounds

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a natural alternative to detergent pet shampoos

Looking for a natural alternative to harsh chemical shampoos for your sensitive dog or cat? You've found it! This super-emollient glycerin shampoo bar gently clenses and rinses pets clean without stripping skin and coat of protective oils.  

Add to that 2 key essential oils - both safe for pets:

- lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia) - pet safe and soothing to sensitive skin

- virginia cedarwood (Juniperus Virginia) freshens and deoderrizes stinky fur

Just wet him (or her) down and lather up. This handy bar makes shampooing even the most finiky pet easy.

(yes, cats like it too)

Ingredients: Water, Lavender Essential Oil, Virginia Cedarwood Essential Oil, Fragrance Modifier, Vegetable Colorant

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