At Tamarinda, where you'll find the largest selection of glycerin soap - for the body, face and hands

Beautiful to look at, a pleasure to use - our glycerin soap's smooth, silky lather leaves your skin cleansed without the drying effects of detergent soap. Our soaps are ph-balanced, 100% vegetable and cruelty free.
Made in the USA.

We offer 5 glycerin soap formulas - clear, olive, argan, sulfate-free and cucumber carrot & aloe - each with unique characteristics to match the needs of your unique skin.

we believe everyone should love their soap...

Tamarinda glycerin soap is made using time-honored, traditional methods

we search painstakingly to find the most beautiful fragrances

we do everything possible to eliminate additives like detergents, parabens and phthalates to help reduce our exposure to chemical load

we consciously employ minimal packaging to support the health of our planet

we love our soap's beautiful, crystal clear appearance and scents

we love everything about our glycerin soap and we believe you will too

- Tina & Enrique, Founders

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