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100% fragrance oils

100% fragrance oils

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Love our fragrances? Now you can use them anywhere! Our 100%, undiluted fragrance oils can be used in fragrance (tealight) warmers and other scenting applications. 

1.0 fl oz

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Do you have a favorite Tamarinda fragrance? If you do, you can bring it home! Use our 100% undiluted fragrance oils almost anywhere. Our oils are great with fragrance (tealight) warmers and other scenting applications.  You'll find all kinds of uses for these lovely scents. The handy dropper bottle let's you control usage, so you don't waste a drop! 1 fl. oz.

How can you use Tamarinda fragrance oils? Let us count the ways!

- Add drops to water or carrier oil

-Heat with fragrance (tealight) warmer or nebulizer

- Add to light bulb diffuser to scent a room or office

- Add 5 drops to the bath for a luxurious spa soak

- Add 10 drops to one ounce of sweet almond oil to create a massage oil

- Add a few drops to an unscented dryer sheet or wool dryer ball to scent your laundry

- Add a few drops to your car's floor mat to freshen your drive

- Add to potpourri to bring it new life

- Add drops to your closet's wooden hanger pole to scent clothes

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Lovely, fresh scent

Feels like you're at the beach with this scent. Nice strong fragrance, but not overwhelming. Scents the whole room!

Diane McEowen
great fragrance oil

I absolutely love this scent. It is soft and subtle and every time I enter my office, it's wonderful.

emma macari
gardenia oil

What can I say!? I love all things gardenia

Patchouli fragrance and diffuser Oil

I am a repeat customer and I absolutely love Tamarinda Patchouli oils! The shipments ship to me very fast and are packed well. I will keep coming back!

Bonetta Miller
Spice Fragrance Oil

A wonderful warm blend of spicy cinnamon and orange which reminds one of Fall or kitchen full of baked goods. The best fragrance oil! Thanks Tamarinda!!